September 25, 2023

What Is A Level 5 Management Qualification?

Level 5 Management Qualification

The section will tackle the level 5 management qualification in detail. It will give us ideas, especially to those aiming to have this kind of degree.

Introduction for A Level 5 Management Qualification

The introduction will give brief details about the level 5 management qualification. It will include the following information:

Level 5 management qualification is also known as an MBA (‘Master of Business Administration) degree. It is a postgraduate course in which students will learn to become an effective leaders in a business environment. This course is available in many universities in Malaysia.

The duration of this course is 2 years. There are prerequisites for the following:

  • entering this program, which is undergraduate degree and diploma,
  • or equivalent qualification

The duration of this MBA program is 2 years. In addition, there are 3 ways to complete this course: full-time, part-time, or distance learning. The courses provided by the universities may vary. Before applying to this program, applicants must take a GMAT or GRE.

The following table shows the information above in detail:

1. General Management: 

General management is an important course for MBA students. In this course, students will be able to become a multidisciplinary leaders in an organization.

Students will learn about the process of planning, controlling, and understanding the behavior of a business. Students will learn about the knowledge and skills needed to be able to lead a business.

2. Accounting and Finance: 

Accounting and finance are the core courses for this program. In accounting, students will learn about the principles. And practices of financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, and corporate governance. In finance, students will learn about financial management, investment and portfolio management as well as global financial management.

3. Information Systems: 

Information systems are also included in this program. For example, students will learn principles of the following:

  • information systems,
  • strategic applications of information technology,
  • business intelligence analysis,
  • e-commerce and IT management

Students will also learn how to apply information technologies to decision-making.

4. Human Resources: 

Human resources is also a part of this program. As the name suggests, students will learn about human resource functions. Such as recruitment and selection, talent development, and performance evaluation in organizations.

Students will also learn how to use these functions in managing human resources in an organization effectively.

5. Operations Management: 

In operations management courses in this level 5 management qualification program, students will learn about the following:

  • operations strategy,
  • quality assurance management and
  • operational logistics as well as operational risk management.

Operations strategy is often taught by using case studies from different industries. Such as retailing or healthcare services among others. So that students can understand how operations should be managed in different industries or organizations.


In conclusion, this article will provide us with a brief idea of the level 5 management qualification. It is the best way for someone to become a professional leader in a business environment.

 They will be able to use the knowledge learned in this course in the future. The next step is to decide whether you should apply for this course or not.

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